Brazyn Mobility Stretching Strap, Multi-Loop with Neoprene Padded Handles, 10 Loops, for Yoga, Pilates, and General Fitness 1.5 inches W x 5.5 feet L

Unlike resistance bands, our strap does not stretch, allowing you to take full control of your stretching and mobility routine. Features padded neoprene handles. Because your hands deserve the best. You could probably dangle a school bus full of elephant seals from these bands. Become the supple muscle master and take your flexibility to the next level with the 10-loop Brazyn Mobility Strap! Designed to maximize both comfort and function, the Brazyn Mobility Strap allows for deep stretching while providing the comfort of silky, high-quality nylon.

They'll think it's nifty. Recommended by physiotherapists as an effective aid for rehabilitation. One size fits all - measures over 5 1/2 ft and is 1. 5 in thick 175 cm & 3 cm. Fits comfortably in your hands and around your feet no matter your height unless you're like 10 feet tall. Recommended by physical therapists, pilates, yoga, the Brazyn Mobility strap is your tool for enhancing your performance and recovery for sports, Olympic coaches, and maybe a few astronauts, and general fitness.

Never compromise! Take it to parties, and show it to your friends. Made strong - the brazyn mobility stretching strap uses latex-free premium quality nylon fiber, making it highly durable against wear and tear. We would make them out of adorable puppies that you can hold, but that would be weird. Has 10 independent loops, helping you to stretch further and hold poses longer.

Brazyn Morph Alpha Foam Roller - Midnight Blue - Collapsible & Portable Muscle Back Massager for Yoga Myofascial Release Massage Alpha Deep Tissue

But don't let the slender form fool you, there's no reason to leave recovery and mobility training at home. Science! with a form factor that small, and kinder to the environment: the morph bravo weighs in at only 1. 5 lbs and collapses down to less than 2 inches thick slimmer than two folded shirts. It takes a team of european craftsmen and craftswomen nearly an hour to assemble over 60 individual pieces into this one of a kind FOLD FLAT mobility tool no drain pipes covered in foam here.

Roll more, feel better, and conquer the day with your Morph! Not made in china: we get it, $68 may seem like a lot to spend on a foam roller, but the morph is not your typical roller. It's now ready to be stashed back into your daily bag. Made with bamboo and recyclable aluminum. It's 14. 5" long so it will span across your entire back.

Go. Portable, sturdy, the morph has been tested to support up to 350 lbs. As seen on shark tank. Versatile - loved by runners, cross fit athletes, yoga and Pilates students, physical or sports therapy patients. Regular foam rolling has been proven to have huge benefits on both.

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Brazyn Mobility Stretching Strap, Multi-Loop with Neoprene Padded Handles, 10 Loops, for Yoga, Pilates, and General Fitness 1.5 inches W x 5.5 feet L
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